About Us

Welcome to Exterior Influence


Who Are We

Pressure Washing company born and raised in the great city of Las Cruces

Our Mission

Become the #1 trusted name in power washing for the state of New Mexico

What We Do

We double local home and business curb appeal through exterior cleaning

Why choose us?

We use many different methods depending on location, services, and surfaces to be worked on. Most of our work is done with light pressure letting top notch detergents and cleaners do most of the work.

We are not limited to 9-5 hours. We like to work with your schedule to ensure absolute convenience. If you are a business owner we would be more than happy to schedule services after hours to not disrupt your business or customers.

There is nothing like being born and raised in the Mesilla Valley. We love Las Cruces and all of our neighbors. We are centrally located and are never too far from you.

Here at EXTERIOR INFLUENCE we like to do things right the first time. We have spent countless hours in research, product, and treatment testing ensuring the perfect result.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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